About Our Website

This blog is dedicated to and will tell the story of the men and women of Great Britain and her colonies and other Commonwealth countries who gave their lives fighting for freedom in the Great War of 1914 to 1918, also now known as World War I.

This is the story of the parents who gave their lives to God and the parents who gave their lives to their King and country and then lost their sons and daughters to the war fought for that God and King and country.

It is the story of Princes and paupers, brothers and sisters, hero’s and supposed cowards They all have one thing in common – they did not survive the Great War, the conflict described by H G Wells as “The war to end war”.Every death is a personal and family tragedy.

The uniformity of the many thousands of headstones in cemeteries has something impersonal about it.  All of these identical grave markers in a way make it hard to fully realize that each headstone and memorial represents a unique person, with his or her own personality, history, social and familial background, every story representing a different tragedy.

  • Men whose sons will be killed in the Second World War
  • Generals and sons of Generals
  • Clergymen and sons of clergymen
  • Fathers and sons who will both be killed
  • Members of the Peerage and Knights and their sons
  • Brothers killed together and those killed miles and years apart
  • Those killed by enemy action, those killed accidentally, those who died of illness and those killed by their comrades
  • And many more

Starting this August 2014 we will provide daily the names and personal histories of those who one hundred years ago on that day lost their lives as a result of the tragedy now called the First World War. We will give you historical perspective of what was going on at the time but this is the story of those who did not live out their lives naturally as a result of the Great War.