Arthur Conan Doyle connection

All lost their lives in the Great War

  • Captain Arthur Alleyme Kingsley Conan Doyle – his son (Hampshire Regiment) died of influenza 1 November 1918 age 24 aggravated by wounds received on the Somme.
  • Brigadier General John Francis Innes Hay Doyle – his brother CMG DSO dies of pneumonia 19 February 1919 on service at age 45.
  • Captain Malcolm Leckie – one brother-in-law (Royal Army Medical Corps attached Northumberland Fusiliers).
    • He will be awarded the DSO for his bravery Mons and will die of his wounds as a prisoner of war 28 August 1914 – the first of nine hundred three medical officers in the British Army to die in the Great War.
  • Major Leslie William Searles Oldham –  a second brother-in-law (Royal Engineers) killed in action 28 July 1915 age 45.
  • Second Lieutenant Arthur Oscar Hornung – his nephew (Essex Regiment) killed in action 6 July 1915 age 20.
  • Captain Alec Forbes – his nephew (Royal Warwickshire Regiment) dies of wounds 3 September 1916 age 28.
  • Lieutenant John Ernest Vivian Rathbone – Basil Rathbone’s (Sherlock Holmes in the movies) younger brother (Dorsetshire Regiment) killed in acation 4 June 1918  age 20.
  • Eric William Benson – a cousin once removed of Basil Rathbone Lieutenant Colonel commanding 9th King’s Royal Rifle Corps killed in action 15 September 1916 age 29.